Consulting Procedure

From time immemorial, mankind has always been fascinated by the Celtic art of divination thus cultivating the curiosity to know the life ahead and what it has got to offer. It is commendable that Naadi Astrology can perceive aspects of the subtle world and destiny that are beyond the comprehension of modern science.

There is an attitude in today's world that rejects the mysticism of tarot readers and astrologers. Fortunately, there's an expert Nadi forecaster, Guruji Shri Vivekanand Sundar Murthy to bring forth your fortune from the mists of time. This is your chance to discuss any topic that you have in your mind.

Guruji will address your concerns and answer your questions. Sometimes the responses are enigmatic because of the complexities of language! The answers are frank and will help you face the future with the right attitude. This is the time to seize every opportunity for success in your life.

Please take a moment to send us your questions and the details as mentioned below for predictions online. Your questions about future life, education & career, love, marriage & children, financial wealth, family & friends, or a particular event/situation will be duly answered by Guruji Shri Vivekanand Sundar Murthy. You have a great fortune ahead!


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  • 5 Right Thumb Impressions
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Online Consulting Procedure

First of all, you need to send your thumb impression (left for ladies and right for gents) through the following means.

Click to send details from the available options below -

  • Make sure you also send proof of entry fees deposited as mentioned on the website.



As we get your thumb impression and entry fee we will sit with you through SKYPE and trace out the palm leaf that contains your future predictions.

Once we trace out the palm leaf that contains your future predictions you have to deposit the amount for prediction according to the package you choose and once we receive the charges for prediction we will sit with you Online via any platform like Skype or Zoom or any other as per your convenience and interpret accurate predictions and send the MP3 recording of the predictions through email.


Online Payment Options

Use Paypal to send Payments from Worldwide

Use Razorpay to send Payments from India


Bank Details for NEFT/IMPS/Cheque/in Bank Cash Deposit 

Bank Name : State Bank of India
Account no. : 20057828348
Branch Name : Kharghar
IFSC Code : SBIN0011673

Bank Name : Punjab National Bank
Current Account no : 4510002100006106
Branch Name : Kharghar
IFSC Code : PUNB0451000

Bank Name : Indian Overseas Bank
Account no : 180801000002083
Branch Name : Kharghar
IFSC Code : IOBA0001808