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Homam (Havan) Pooja & Remedies

Homam, also referred to as Havan or Yagna, is a revered Hindu ritual characterized by offerings made into fire. This practice holds great significance in Hinduism, serving as a means to invoke divine blessings, request protection, or address particular concerns.


Before starting any work, start by saying Lord Ganapati’s name!

For anything that is blocking you from succeeding, Ganapati Homam will help you get rid of any obstacles/barriers.

For courage! If you are not being able to step up and take any decision or action because of your situation (fear or poverty), then Chandi Homam will help you gain confidence and be courageous

If you are facing any problems because of your planetary positions, then it is good to do Navagraha Homam to remove those planetary defects and achieve happiness and prosperity in life.

To get rid of black magic, voodoo, sorcery and evil forces done by your enemies who do not want you to succeed or live peacefully.

To get rid of anger/temperament in order to lead a more successful and peaceful life.

Mandi is known as son of Lord Saturn (Shani Bhagwan). Shani brings a lot of disadvantages. Mrutyunja Homam helps you get rid of disadvantages by Shani, helps you get rid of any problems that may occur in the future, helps to live a longer life and removes the curse of dead.

Helps you get blessings to get child/children (Putra).

For women only – To get rid of problems preventing from getting married or any marriage ban which was imposed from a long time.

For men only – To get rid of problems preventing from getting married or any marriage ban which was imposed from a long time.

To get rid of poverty and financial problems. To increase wealth, material and prosperity.

It is necessary to perform Tila Havan to get rid of the evil caused by Lord Saturn (Shani Bhagwan) and the harm caused by the curse of the dead.

It Is Performed Only Once In Lifetime Preferably At Rameshwaram/Kashi.

To get rid of harassment by enemies and to get rid of the health problems and diseases.

To get rid of harassment by enemies and intrigues in business and to succeed in business ventures without any interruption.

To get rid of jealousy, evil eye of the wicked which disturbs family peace and physical health.

To overcome any trials in life that may arise in life, to remove the barriers from getting married, problems in work life.

For Good Health All Times.

To Cancel Negative Energies And Self Confidence.

To Facilitate Positive Thinking & Subsequently Performing Good Karma.

To Counter The Effects Of Black Magic.

To Celebrate Auspicious Events To Attain Moksha.

Is dedicated to the Holy Cow Kamadhenu, she is the mother of all cows on earth. Kamdhenu is also known as Surabhi and Nandini. The word ‘Kam’ in the name indicates she has the power to fulfill all the wishes of her devotees.

For wedded ladies whose husband is still alive. To get the blessings of ancestral and Pitru ladies of the family who have departed from the world. Fulfills the unfulfilled desires of these ladies, and in return they favor the family.

We do hawans as per the advice after nadi patri reading. Also, on request.


नमस्ते 🙏
नमस्ते 🙏
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