Identified through thumb impression of an individual (Left thumb for ladies and Right thumb for gents) OR through the individual’s horoscope – Date of birth and Time of birth. Khandams are known as chapters of life.

Details extracted from the following Khandams (Chapters) are as follows:


Khandam 1 – Chapter I ✨

Individual’s present name and Parents' name, Family prediction — Number of brothers and sisters, If married - Husband’s Or Wife’s name; Number of children, Present details of the profession and an overview of the other 12 Khandams (12 Chapters).


✨ Khandam 2 – Chapter II ✨

Family, Education, Financials, Eye-Sight, and Speech.


✨ Khandam 3 – Chapter III ✨

The number of brothers and sisters, Relationship with brothers and sisters (Positive or Negative), Strength, Courage and Perseverance, Achievements.

✨ Khandam 4 – Chapter IV ✨

Mother, Properties, Land, House, Vehicles, Luxury, and Pleasures of Life.

✨ Khandam 5 – Chapter V ✨

Children; Birth, Conceiving problems if any and remedy, Adoptions, Detailed future prediction of child/children.

✨ Khandam 6 – Chapter VI ✨

Diseases, Debts, Enemies. Court cases, Remedies for all problems.

✨ Khandam 7 – Chapter VII ✨

Marriage: When?, If any delay – Why?, Duration, Compatibility, Marital issues, Distance between Bride-Groom’s house and Bride’s house, Lagnam planetary position of the Bride or Bride-Groom’s in their horoscope.

✨ Khandam 8 – Chapter VIII ✨

Life-span, Accident, and danger to life, Age; Month, Date, Day, Time and Star, Lagnam, Place of death.

✨ Khandam 9 – Chapter IX ✨

Predictions in regard to father, Wealth, Visit temples, Luck, Upathesam from holy men and charitable deeds.

✨ Khandam 10 – Chapter X ✨

Future predictions of Profession, Job, Business, Change of place, Good and evils therein.

✨ Khandam 11 – Chapter XI ✨

Profits, Second marriage if any.

✨ Khandam 12 – Chapter XII ✨

Expenditure and its reasons, Foreign visits, Next birth or attainment of Salvation (Moksha).

✨ Khandam 13 – Chapter XIII (Shanthi) ✨

Shanthi Pariharam, Last birth, Sins committed, Remedies for getting rid of effects of the past birth’s sins.

✨Khandam 14 – Chapter XIV (Deeksha) ✨

Manthra Japam to ward off evils.

✨ Khandam 15 – Chapter XV (Aushada) ✨

Medicines for chronic diseases and methods of taking them.

✨ Khandam 16 – Chapter XVI (Dasha Bukthi) ✨

Prediction of remaining Dasha Bukthies (Periods).



SHANTHI KHANDAM FOR LIFE PROBLEMS are also available and Sukshma Nadi is more elaborate and gives more specific details including political connections.