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Identified through thumb impression of an individual (Left thumb for ladies and Right thumb for gents) OR through the individual’s horoscope – Date of birth and Time of birth. Khandams are known as chapters of life.

Details extracted from the following Khandams (Chapters) are as follows:

Individual’s present name and Parents’ name, Family prediction — Number of brothers and sisters, If married – Husband’s Or Wife’s name; Number of children, Present details of the profession and an overview of the other 12 Khandams (12 Chapters).

Family, Education, Financials, Eye-Sight, and Speech.

The number of brothers and sisters, Relationship with brothers and sisters (Positive or Negative), Strength, Courage and Perseverance, Achievements.

Mother, Properties, Land, House, Vehicles, Luxury, and Pleasures of Life.

Children; Birth, Conceiving problems if any and remedy, Adoptions, Detailed future prediction of child/children.

Diseases, Debts, Enemies. Court cases, Remedies for all problems.

Marriage: When?, If any delay – Why?, Duration, Compatibility, Marital issues, Distance between Bride-Groom’s house and Bride’s house, Lagnam planetary position of the Bride or Bride-Groom’s in their horoscope.

Life-span, Accident, and danger to life, Age; Month, Date, Day, Time and Star, Lagnam, Place of death.

Predictions in regard to father, Wealth, Visit temples, Luck, Upathesam from holy men and charitable deeds.

Future predictions of Profession, Job, Business, Change of place, Good and evils therein.

Profits, Second marriage if any.

Expenditure and its reasons, Foreign visits, Next birth or attainment of Salvation (Moksha).

Shanthi Pariharam, Last birth, Sins committed, Remedies for getting rid of effects of the past birth’s sins.

Manthra Japam to ward off evils.

Medicines for chronic diseases and methods of taking them.

Prediction of remaining Dasha Bukthies (Periods).



Sivanadi Sukshmam, Athiksukshamam, Godcharshanti, Prashna Khandam, Gnana Khandam, Dasha Bhuthi Khandam, Shanthi Khandam for Life Problems are also available and Sukshma Nadi is more elaborate and gives more specific details including political connections.

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