Human life is uncertain. Even for those born in affluent circumstances, the fortunes fluctuate, much depending upon a combination of good luck and efforts. An event happens because of Ninety-nine percent of perspiration and one percent of inspiration. But, without that one percent of inspiration, all the perspiration becomes a waste. Many examples can be quoted where men and women have risen from scratch. From “log cabin to White House” is a way of destiny. Many are ambitious but do not care to give the input. Some are over-ambitious and hence lose everything in life. Only the selected few are happy in spite of having many things. On this same good earth we and people rolling in luxury and living beings struggling to get two square meals. Health and wealth are both uncertain and so is beauty. Nothing is everlasting. Yet, man has his own curiosity to know what the future holds for him and his o springs even though life is short. Omar Khayyam says “The bird of time has but a little way to y and lo! the bird is on the wing” – It is here that “Nadi Jothidam” comes to one’s help. This strange method of knowing what the future holds for you is called “Nadi Jothidam” where your future is written in old Palm leaves by a few of our great saints.

Many of us have heard of the “Saptha Rishis”, but most of us do not know what they have done for humanity. When we think of these saints, we have a picture of some old bearded men with nothing much to do except some mantra chanting or doing some havans or yagnas and having a lot of spare time. But, our Bharat Desh is a great country and many great saints lived here and did many things for the benefits of humanity. All subjects like Yoga, Jothish, Ayurved, Samudrika Sastra, Vast Sastra, etc., have been dealt with them in detail. But, due to the bad influence of Western culture, we seldom pay any attention to these shastras which actually are a great treasure handed over to us. During the Mughal dynasty and British rule, our culture and philosophy suffered a great deal, but more harm to this is done even after the British left us. Emphasis on material life and imitation of Western culture has in fact done great harm to our basic values and beliefs.

Let us try to know something about the ‘Nadis’. There are various ‘Nadi granthas’ written by great Maharishis the most popular ones being Agasthya Nadi, Kowsika Nadi, Suka Nadi, Mahashiva Vakyathulya Nadi, Mahashiva Sukshma Nadi, etc. These deal with various type of human births, their lives, ups and downs, their education, profession, disease, children, longevity, etc. These palm leaves are written mostly in the Tamil language in poetry form and only trained readers can understand this, though they are very simple. For studying the future, the thumb impression is the basic requirement and they are classified into one hundred and eight categories. Each type of impression has certain features, and there is a certain bundle of leaves available. In this, the person’s name, his parent’s names, his marital status, if married his or her partner’s name, any major events in his life and his future covering, his ups and downs in life are all written in a beautiful manner. To get one’s correct leaf, one has to wait patiently. As soon as the bundle pertaining to a thumb impression is obtained, the Nadi reader sits with the client and goes on reading each palm leaf one by one. All types of names, details regarding the present and past appear in this. Even leaves pertaining to criminal dacoits, smugglers, etc., also appear in this while checking a few leaves, one leaf emerges giving all the particulars correctly viz. Name of the client, his parent’s name, date of birth, birth sign, planets, and their position, number of brothers and sisters, number of marriages of parents if more than one, wife or husband’s name, number of children, and some times also mention about the loss of children if any. It also gives details of the present profession of the client as well as that of his parents.

It is not necessary, that all persons will get their “Nadi leaves”. The greatest surprise is that the Nadi mentions at which age a person consult the “Nadi” and in case a person doesn’t come himself it also mentions who will come for the consultation on his or her behalf. Once the correct leaf is obtained, the future is written on the other side of the leaf, and year by year events are mentioned in a very specific and well-arranged manner. Even the studies of children, their qualifications, training, etc., are mentioned. For example, it would say that the second son will be now studying the third year of a commerce course or the second year in administrative studies. Various professions like Banking, Defense, Industry, Railways, Posts and Telegraphs, Business, etc., are also mentioned and one has to remember that these are written before two or three thousand years. The Rishis have already imagined the nature of births in this age and how their fortune, would run. Mention about love affairs, divorce, accidents and sudden fortunes, political career, etc., are all mentioned in these leaves and that makes one surprised, and sometimes embarrassed too.

There are mentions about past births too and one will surprisingly and that events that follow in this birth are closely related to the past birth and measures are suggested to get rid of those sins or papams etc. so that one can have a carefree life. Even foreigners, Parsis, Muslims, Christians can also get their correct leaves if they are fortunate enough. The ‘Nadi’ can certainly solve immediate problems and also instill optimism provided one’s way of life is clean to some extent.